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Ideas for Creating a Professional and Informative Website:

Determine Your Objective:

Are you selling something, educating your audience, is it meant for entertainment, etc?  Let your objective guide you.  Be specific.  Don't add unrelated material.

Determine Your Audience:
Use this as your guide when deciding what your page will say.

Inform and Educate Your Audience:
What is unique about your product? 
Try to show why someone would be interested in it.
Know what your competitors are doing. Use their good ideas and do it better, express it clearer, make it more attractive.
Describe your product or service well.  What is it?  What does it do?  Who is it for? How can someone benefit? 
If your brochures, press releases, news articles, etc., have been working well, use them.
Determine what your web page will consist of?  Text, forms, guestbooks, links,  graphics, backgrounds, icons, sound, etc.

Incorporate "Hot Links" to Other Websites:
Use links to other web pages to enhance your site.
Save time and money by not having to recreate similar information.
Donít over-do it.  Include whatís important or what will enhance your page.
Make sure all your pages link to each other, your community, and other willing sites

Information to Include:
What address do you want published, i.e. home, business, P.O. Box? 
What phone numbers do you want published?
What e-mail address do you want published? 
Do you want to keep personal information separated from business?

Other Helpful Tips:
Keep pages short and simple - remember that other countries (if that is a consideration) may not have sufficient bandwidth to allow fast loading of complex graphics or pictures.
Ensure pictures use the lowest resolution, without compromising them, for fast loading
Make sure the text is clear and understandable.
If you have a lot of information to show - it is better to split that information into a number of linked pages rather than one big one.
Include a counter that keeps track of your hits. 

Promoting Your Website:
Search Engines 
Links to other pages that are relevant to yours; web rings, if appropriate.
Purchase advertising space on the web
Become active in News Groups & Mailing Lists.
Post ads in Internet Classifieds
Include your e-mail address and URL on company advertising, stationery and business cards.
Send out Press Releases to various newspapers.
Pay a Company to send ads via E-mail. 
Hire a company to promote your web site.
Hire KL Designs to register your site individually with selected search engines. This insures proper registration with specific, rather than general information provided.

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